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Your Brand .. Your Story.

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In this article,

  • How do startups survive?
  • The most common mistake in startups.
  • 3 steps for how your strong brand identity systems affect your profit?
  • What is the story brand?
  • Strong examples of the brand promise.
  • What is the brand environment?
  • Conclusion

From unconventional small businesses to innovative mobile applications to large technology companies, the term "start-up" has become increasingly popular in recent years to describe a diverse range of business types.

How do startups survive?

According to, "a startup is a young company founded by one or more entrepreneurs in order to develop and market a unique product or service." "By definition, a startup is a low-cost operation with initial funding provided by the founders."
When you first start a business, you are usually flooded with enthusiasm. 
When you consider your business model, your heartbeat quickens with excitement, and your mind calculates all the future possibilities. 
But nothing is more painful than realizing you've created something wonderful, but no one seems to notice you or care about what you have to offer. 
Then you decide to go over everything again to see what's wrong!
While it frequently occurs when a company begins to invest heavily in marketing activities, the problem may not be with marketing itself.
That is the issue... faulty branding.

The most common mistake in startups.

Focusing solely on early brand development is one of the most common mistakes in startup development.
It is very unfortunate to see a startup squandering advertising funds by using a poor visual design and an ambiguous message in its campaigns.
After a string of low-return advertising campaigns, you realize you need to either improve your brand or prepare for the worst.
All of this is because it is impossible to successfully market a product without what is known as a strong brand identity system.

3 steps for how your strong brand identity systems affect your profit?

Do it right... It can be brought up to speed with a brand identity system. It has the ability to capture the minds and emotions of crowds. If you leave it to chance, you may run into a wall of marketing flaws.
So, what should you do right away to avoid wasting campaign funds on ineffective advertising and marketing?
Here are some branding lessons you should learn right away.

1- A large investment in a logo is useless.

If a brand identity system is not in place. That is why you require a good brand identity system.
Building a brand system entails not only developing a visual identity and guidelines for corporate colors and typography, but also developing emotional guidelines for copywriting, advertising, and social media campaigns.
✦ Emotional guidelines are critical in developing your brand's persona and attitude. 
✦ The voice and tone of your brand should be consistent with the overall brand system, but what is the difference between voice and tone?
✦ The element that remains consistent in all of our content is voice. This allows the reader to instantly recognize your content, regardless of when they watch it or the platform on which it is displayed.
✦ Tone, on the other hand, is the expression of that brand's personality to the target audience. The tone shifts constantly. And it must change because it is entirely determined by context... how I communicate with my coworkers. In essence, the voice is similar to the tone in terms of climate.

2- Define your goal and follow through on your promises.

One critical question you must answer is: what would your customer miss out on if you were not present?
This question has a simple answer... the brand's purpose “mission statement”.
✦ Weak brands lack a clear purpose, which is why they fail to influence their audience, because a lack of clarity about what your brand can deliver results in a lack of customer interest.
✦ Your brand promise is one of the most important building blocks for attracting more of the right customers. It is your commitment to your customers that truly matters to them and sets you apart from the competition.
What distinguishes a "good" brand promise is not only its appeal to core customers and ability to assist you in closing sales with them, but also your ability to consistently deliver on that promise.

3-What is your competitive advantage?

Each popular brand or small business must thoroughly understand how they differ from their competitors. 

Your company already has a position in the minds of your clients or target audience and prospects based on their thoughts and feelings about “consumer behavior” derived from their knowledge of and interactions with your company.
An effective brand promise contributes to the development of a strong brand, exemplifies your brand experience, and has emotional connections with your core customer. It is more than just a value statement like providing high-quality products. Almost every successful brand has a good brand promise that has drawn their core customers in.

What is the story brand?

Companies now aspire to think like designers and make use of design principles to excel in the workplace.
The logo, as the primary representation of the brand, is dead. 


Building a brand story helps your business become a valuable asset in the lives of your customers. Showing our customers that we also believe they are the most important character in the story (the hero) validates their problems, and we empathize with their pain. Letting them know that we are their advocate and we can help as (a guide)

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strong examples of the brand promise.

Here are a few best brand promise examples from previous work of Generator:
Studio ZAT: To educate and inspire the storytellers and talents of tomorrow.
✦ BOXAT To be a private nutrition consultant who delivers balanced, healthy meals from a variety of restaurants right to your door.
✦ Arfof: To be a simple application for buyer and seller with user-friendly, granted, trusted rated.
Noleek: To encourage all women to feel comfortable, free, and unafraid of leaking.
international examples: 
Nike - "To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.”
Tesla: "To accelerate the advent of sustainable transport by bringing compelling mass market electric cars to market.”
FedEx - “Peace of mind”
Lego - "Endless Play"
BMW - “The ultimate driving machine”
Coca Cola - "refresh the world in mind, body, and spirit, and inspire moments of optimism; to create value and make a difference"

What is the brand environment?

A brand environment... ensures that your brand has a better life.
Brands communicate using a variety of techniques, some of which are obvious, while others are more subtle.
A good brand works on all levels. Creating a brand environment contributes to your overall marketing strategy. 
✦ What do you tell a photographer when you hire them? Do the social media agencies you hire understand how to visually tell your story?
There are numerous methods for achieving visual consistency. It can be as simple as using a consistent color scheme throughout all visuals (light and airy, moody, bright?). You can either use stock photos or work hard to create all original images for your company. Each of your visuals 
All of your visuals can feature your brand's mascot using your product, or they can focus on real people holding your product.
Begin by taking a step back and comparing your marketing objectives to the visuals you currently have. 
✦ Is having a logo and a color scheme sufficient? How would you employ them in the creation of a flier, a drip marketing campaign, or a website? Do you require additional visuals? or perhaps a consistent layout? Do you require a standard copy to help you expedite the process?
Make a list of your requirements, which should include everything from graphic design to copywriting. After you've worked hard to develop your brand guidelines, you can focus on expanding your brand beyond its logo. After that, your creative sandbox will assist you in...

Great marketing is preceded by a strong brand identity system.

Marketing is enjoyable when your brand is established from the start. This is due to the fact that your brand is a long-term marketing tool that shapes your day-to-day marketing activities.
Building a stronger brand should begin with why you are important to customers and progress to a larger visual and verbal brand environment with which to play. It all comes down to structure, consistency, and active ideation in order to grow your brand recognition in the most important ways.

In conclusion...

Whether you take control of your brand now or in five years, it exists and has an impact on your audience. It all comes down to whether you want to spend your time telling your customers about your brand or letting them tell you.
It is much easier to persuade an audience early on than it is to change an already negative perception of you.


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Your brand… your story!