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privately owned investment holding company
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Building new generations and pioneering in the innovative technology world internationally to fit the aspirations of our brand. AlKhafrah Holding Company is a privately owned investment holding the company was established in 1994 by H.E. Mubarak AlKhafrah. It is a professional and pro-active management vehicle for our investments both in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and internationally. AKHC has a portfolio of +20 industrial manufacturing facilities across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
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Alkhafrah logo is inspired by a singular visual reflecting our professional values of linking cultures by the integration between letter...and k to link deep routed holding with the global investments & business industries, building new generations and pioneering in the innovative technology world internationally to fit aspirations of our brand.

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We've generated Alkhafrah's identity by appearing linking cultures concept.

Investing in industries that introduce sustainable technologies to develop the local KSA economy. Engagement with Alkhafrah empowers new possibilities. The brand promise is new opportunities for a better future and society as a whole. We link all the world cultures by strategic partnerships with like-minded companies who share similar values and synergies.
1. Oil, Gas, and Petrochemicals,
2. Construction and Building Material,
3. Banking and Insurance,
4. Waste and Recycling,
5. other industries.

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Natural cosmetics


Motorcycle assembly and production


Islamic jurisprudence center