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Creative branding ideas in 2022

“Branding is the process of generating ideas that allow you to make your mark.”

Generator Design Agency.

In this era, we understand the importance of branding and how to make a brand stick in the minds of your target customers. Branding ideas are the best investment you can make to help your business stand out.

Generator is a strategic branding company that creates brand stories by transforming cultural insights into human experiences.


In this article:

  • What are the benefits of branding?
  • In SAAS MVP, how do you apply branding to your mobile app?
  • The magic of web design on your website
  • 9 elements build your branding strategy.
  • best practices for brand identity.
  • 3 tricky keys for the branding effort
  • Tips and tricks to make your mark.
  • What services do you get?
  • The secrets behind innovative branding ideas
  • Conclusion: How to increase your profit with branding?

What are the benefits of a branding agency?

"Branding is your reputation and perception in the audience's minds.”

It is critical for your business to hire a professional branding company to control your market positioning, systematically differentiate yourself, keep your products in mind, define your brand promise, and ensure a profitable revenue stream.

In SAAS MVP, how do you apply branding to your mobile app?

Over 42% of the brands fail because their product was unable to find an audience. You can't tell if your SaaS will find a niche until you test it with real customers, but that doesn't mean you have to dive headfirst into full-scale development and hope for the best brand.

At Generator, we help you build a real customer experience with the right branding and the right differentiation. We also help you avoid common SaaS MVP challenges and share advice.

The magic of web design on your website

A well-designed website can help your business make a good first impression on potential customers. It can also assist you in nurturing your leads and increasing conversions. If you already have a website, you can always perform a site audit and optimize it to improve user experience and accessibility.

These 9 elements build your branding strategy.

A brand strategy is a component of a business plan that describes the company's position in the market. Branding strategies' goals are to become memorable in the eyes of the potential customers and target audience so that they choose your business over the competition on social media sites.

Components of the branding strategies we provide to clients based on each industry:

  • Positioning
  • A mission and a clear vision
  • Values and beliefs
  • Brand DNA
  • Brand voice
  • Logo design
  • brand's tone of voice
  • Brand story/Brand identity visuals
  • Personality

As we did with the BOXAT app, a smart mobile application for tailored diet meal subscription plans for a stress-free lifestyle.

A strategy requires three key elements. First and foremost, we must ensure that developing a good strategy and logo design is a part of the marketing department. If you truly understand what marketing is, you can move on to branding and brand strategy with these 3 key elements:

  • A diagnosis that defines difficulties It is a situational analysis to comprehend the current state of your business and market.
  • A guiding policy for dealing with the challenge: At this point, we've identified the true challenge and are working to overcome it. This policy directs actions while excluding alternative approaches.
  • A set of consistent actions to carry out the policy to overcome the complexity and conflict that plagues most small businesses or brands.

As a result, all of your business and branding efforts must move forward to provide the right brand message in today's digital marketing and social media networks.

Best practices for your brand identity.

Smart branding is critical in today's digital world. Brand identity differs from brand image. The former corresponds to the intent behind branding and how a company does the following—all to cultivate a specific image in the minds of your customers:

  • Naming: It’s a very accurate process in which you create your brand name to represent your values, message, and differentiation.
  • Business Logo: Creating a memorable logo design is an art that necessitates knowledge of marketing strategies, branding and being brand consistent.
  • Colors: Not all colors should be appropriate for your company and brand. Color psychology, shapes, and other visual elements used in the company's products and visuals should be understood by the branding ideas.
  • The Tone of Voice: We believe that each brand has its voice, which is unique to it, just like a fingerprint. It is critical to developing the language used in its advertisements.
  • Teamwork: Also, your team or employees are the backbone of your brand; training them, improving their skills, and making them happy are all tricky points we address for them to be enthusiastic about dealing with our target audiences.

Let’s see a brilliant example of building a brand identity with Arfof: we started with a well-defined brand identity for a multi-vendor online marketplace. The concept we used was inspired by the integration of bilingual typography between letter ف and F and meaningful racks to deliver an iconic brand mark.

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3 tricky keys for the branding efforts

If you want to build a brand, you must focus your branding effort on owning a word in the prospect’s mind. A word that nobody else owns. " -Al Ries

Generating creative ideas, positive perception, and maintaining a strong brand is an essential component of the Generator Design Agency. All your branding efforts require asking yourself 3 main questions:

1-What is the purpose of my existence?

You are writing the mission statement at this stage, which must include the following elements: products or services; customers; employees; public image; self-concepts; philosophy; survival; growth; profit; technology; and markets.

2-What is your competitive advantage?

Each popular brand or small business must thoroughly understand how they differ from its competitors. Your company already has a position in the minds of your clients and prospects based on their thoughts and feelings about “relevant content” derived from their knowledge of and interactions with your company.

3-How to create a creative branding visual identity?

With no doubt that many brands need to create a powerful message first throughout their website and all other marketing materials like content marketing, video content, or banner ads, Take a unique approach, tell a unique brand story, and find unique ways to convey your message. Your visual identity, which includes a good mix of your logo, color, and other brand elements, should all work together to create deep messaging that helps your business stand out from the crowd in the market.

Branding tips and tricks to make your mark.

In Generator, we generate successful brands and business presence and come up with strong and distinct brand identities based on design thinking processes. We use 3 main systematic approaches in the branding process to identify user needs, create new opportunities, and exceed our clients' expectations.

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About Design Thinking

As we used to with HUB of the UAE We've walked a long journey with HUB of the UAE to make the entire identity speak about the UAE proudly for a website and a mobile application that connects sellers and buyers in a perfect luxury marketplace.

Design thinking is a systematic creative process whose aim is to understand the user as well as the niche market, challenge assumptions, and figure out the main problems to identify backup strategies and smart solutions that might not be instantly apparent to our initial level of understanding.

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This involves gathering and validating existing information, developing a shared understanding and different perspectives on the problem at hand, and developing testable assumptions.


The goal is to speak with actual or potential customers or users to gain empathy, learn about their needs, wants, and desires, and investigate their behaviors and context.


It is concerned with analyzing and structuring all gathered data to connect the dots and make sense of the research findings.


It's all about being a creative brand and coming up with unexpected solutions.

  • more and faster.
  • Quantity, not quality.
  • All ideas are good ideas.


It's about making ideas and solutions tangible and experienceable for your brand. Everything from storytelling to mock-ups, from paper mock-ups to Legos, is permitted.


The goal is to test your prototypes on most brands with users. It is about validating the solution's assumptions before investing more money in development.

About the 4 D process

  • Brand Define who you are: specific business goals, assets, and impediments.
  • Brand Discover: The Big Idea conducts research, finds immersion, and selects concepts.
  • Brand Design: Look and Feel Define Business & Concept Review
  • Brand Deliver: Ready to Use Artwork Improvement.
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“Innovate or die.”

We continued with the Noleek brand because we believe in feminine influence. It's one of the GENERATOR's projects. Noleek is the only feminine hygiene care product brand in Saudi Arabia and the Arab world.

The brand name that we created is descriptive, comprehensive, elegant, and conveys the nature of the business. representing the function of NO LEAKING, which is what the product promises to be, which is why women are going to love it, and that allows the brand to grow even faster.

About the storied brand

Companies now dig deep to think like designers. The logo, as the primary representation of the brand, is dead. “THE LOGO AS A PLATFORM FOR BRAND EXPERIENCE IS ALIVE.” We believe that your customers are the most important character in the story (the hero) who validates their problems, and we empathize with their pain. letting them know that we are their advocate and that we can help as a guide.

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We followed that with Studio ZAT, which is an acting and filmmaking studio that offers a variety of workshops to educate and inspire the storytellers and talents of tomorrow. Revamping the existing idea of the actor's character, representing a dynamic personality, the Studio ZAT produced, illustrating a spontaneous tone for contemporary art cinema.

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Everyone has a story that should be told.

That was our inspiration to help Studio ZAT offer several workshops through brand identity that tend to build the actor from the beginning.

What services do you get?

Branding services are too many to calculate, but in Generator, we carefully study your field and make accurate market research and push it to serve all you need and more.

Services we provide:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Usability study testing
  • Motion design
  • Web development
  • Social media templates
  • UIUX design
  • Brand logo
  • create content writing
  • Buyer Persona
  • Naming
  • Brand guidelines
  • Packaging
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The Secrets Behind Innovative Branding Ideas


It's a leading company in Jeddah and Riyadh for accounting and financial consulting. “The more zeros, the more values.” The logo is inspired by the (Th) ث sound in Arabic that highlights “3 dots” as the value of zero connected with expansion to keep business up.

Saker partners:

We present Saker Partners as a dynamic flow of charge, giving the unlimited movement of force in the elasticity system to produce innovative solutions for future security.

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Al-Khafrah holding group:

The Al-Khafrah logo is inspired by a single visual that reflects our professional values of connecting cultures through the integration of letters and k to connect deep-rooted holdings with global investment and business industries to fit our brand's aspirations.


The flow and homogeneity of water and silk in the letter R. We created a logo that appears natural in flow, packaging, relevant information, and guidelines to gain the trust and belief of all women's "target market" in NURA.


The AIH logo is inspired by the connection between the letters "A, I, and H" to shed light on empowering and enhancing companies' investment and economy to be an institutionalized group of companies adhering to the highest governance standards.


It gives us great pleasure to create the brand identity, name, guidelines, and proposal for King Salman bin Abdelaziz. We are honored to be a part of popularizing Islamic jurisprudence, which includes "Worship, Transactions, Family, and Felonies" in one lockup to create a strong sense.

Coaching Meetup:

We design resources to unlock opportunities, with the logo illustrating the letter C as a sliding button for future opportunities, representing Coaching Meetup as a great opportunity to unlock development for better collaboration in the future.


redeveloping its brand's existing brand elements, representing the logo as a modern, flexible shield integrated with a luxurious type design. Brand language is reached by illustrating a corporate real estate brand.


A Brief History Travelodge logo In the fourth millennium BC, an expressive civilization recorded stories on walls, and animals were the words. Since Savannah's time, before climate change, a culture of unlit has been rising in place of the desert.

Conclusion: How can you increase your profit?

Profitable brands can be found in a wide range of industries. Your success is determined by your brand rather than selling products, provided, of course, that what you deliver is of high quality. To increase your profit, you need to reach the right customers and follow these simple steps in business presence.

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  1. Make a brand strategy.
  2. Determine your target audience.
  3. Define your brand's vision, mission, and values.
  4. Do competitive research.
  5. Determine your unique identity.
  6. Measure your success with KPIs using marketing material.

Popular brands follow those steps in their process. We guarantee meaningful and profitable success. That is why branding is so important: to be seen, touched, and remarkable. We recommend that you contact the Generator Design Agency to define your brand's needs and objectives, as well as the needs and objectives of your website and mobile application.


Nada Elnady


Your brand… your story!

User Experience VS. Design Thinking

Creative Branding Ideas You Can't Miss in 2022